Why AngularDart?

AngularDart brings the proven Angular philosophy of testable, succinct web development to Dart.

AngularJS + Dart

Designed for Dart: use classes, annotations, and more. Build apps that scale.


AngularDart embraces modern web platform features, starting with Shadow DOM and Web Components.

News & Updates

  • When to favor ng-if vs. ng-show/ng-hide? I understand that ng-show and ng-hide affect the class set on an element and that ng-if controls whether an element is rendered... more »

  • v0.9.8 cozy-porcupine (2014-02-19) Bug Fixes. DateFilter: fix a wrong type. (cec3edad, #579) compiler: support filters in attribute expressions (8f020f99, #571, #580)... more »

  • Code of Conduct Don't worry, this is not a reaction to some disaster within the Angular community. We're grateful that the Angular community is filled with really nice peop... more »

  • Seth Ladd: Angular and Polymer Data Binding, Together! Angular and Polymer, sitting in a DOM tree, B-i-n-d-i-n-g. First comes components, Then comes elements... more »